Pain Points & Problems

Our ideal client has no problems. They are barreling along serving their customers, improving their offerings. They communicate well in-house and play nice. Their reputation is good and they are where they want to be.

So why might they want to work with Barker &? How would we meet? What would we have to talk about if it isn’t thwarted objectives, unresolved obstacles, and issues on the horizon. Well, Barker & is more in the supporting continued success business than in the save-your-vittles business. This is unusual for how companies detect prospective clients. They look for the trouble and help handle it. No disrespect to those who help with trouble. PR firms in particular work with companies facing sudden nastiness. Their efforts ascend to the heroic on occassion.

We love working with organizations who are great at what they do. The majority of projects that we see are framed as opportunities. The sense of the project is more excitement than hand wringing.

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